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Senate Bill 0118

Senate Bill 0118

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF SB 118 (Updated January 19, 2012 6:35 pm - DI 102)

Various election law matters. Provides that a candidate filing required to be made with the election division is void if the filing is made with a county election official. Adds a cross- reference concerning the election of Republican Party precinct committeemen. Repeals a provision establishing procedures governing the declaration and withdrawal of a declaration by a write-in candidate for a school board office elected at a primary election. Specifies that the party affiliation requirements for a primary candidate include voting in a previous primary of the party in Indiana. Provides that a candidate's nomination by petition is not effective unless the candidate files all required documents. Provides that a petition of nomination for a candidate in a special election called by the governor must be filed not later than 74, rather than 50, days before the election. Specifies noon July 3 before election day, rather than noon on the second Tuesday in September before a general election, as the deadline for filing a certificate of nomination to replace an independent or minor party candidate nominated by petition. Permits a poll worker in an election conducted by a town election board to serve if the worker meets the same qualifications as a worker in a town election conducted by a county election board. Establishes procedures regarding a special election held to fill multiple vacancies in the United States House of Representatives. Removes obsolete references to ballots formerly printed by the election division and voting system standards. Permits the filling of a county, city, town, or township office before a vacancy exists whenever the person holding the office has submitted a written resignation or been elected to another office. Extends the limitation on national guard musters or assemblies to all types of election days. Establishes that a petition of nomination in Mishawaka and East Chicago school district elections may not be filed earlier than 104 days before the election. (Current law specifies the final date for filing is 74 days before the election.) Makes a conforming amendment following the enactment of HEA 1074-2011 (P.L.179-2011) concerning the terms of office of school board members. Removes a requirement for a census of registered voters before a town can dissolve or change its name.
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