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Senate Bill 0134

Senate Bill 0134

ARCHIVE (2012)

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Social host liability. Requires a person at least 21 years of age who knows that a minor is in possession of an alcoholic beverage on the person's property to: (1) prohibit the minor from possessing the alcoholic beverage; (2) confiscate the alcoholic beverage; and (3) immediately contact the minor's parent, guardian, or custodian; unless the alcoholic beverage is possessed in connection with a religious observation, in the presence of the minor's parent, or at a postsecondary educational institution. Makes a violation a Class C infraction, or a Class B infraction if the person knows that six or more minors possessed an alcoholic beverage or if the person has been adjudged to have committed a prior violation. Provides that a person may be charged with a violation not more than one time per day. Specifies that a judgment for a violation is in addition to any criminal penalty that may be imposed for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the commission on mental health and addiction.)
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    In Committee - first House
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