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Senate Bill 0142

Senate Bill 0142

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF SB 142 (Updated February 28, 2012 2:54 pm - DI 84)

Property tax issues. Provides that a candidate for the office of county assessor is required to attain the certification of a level three assessor-appraiser: (1) if the candidate did not hold the office of county assessor on January 1, 2012, and the candidate runs in an election after January 1, 2012; or (2) if the candidate held the office of county assessor on January 1, 2012, and the candidate runs in an election after January 1, 2016. Provides that if a taxpayer wishes to have the income capitalization method or the gross rent multiplier method used in the initial assessment of the taxpayer's property, the taxpayer must submit the necessary information to the assessor not later than the March 1 assessment date. Specifies that the taxpayer is not prejudiced or restricted in filing an appeal, if the data is not submitted by March 1. Imposes a $50 penalty for failing to appear at a hearing before the county property tax assessment board of appeals concerning the review of an assessment or deduction. Provides that a taxpayer is not required to pay a penalty under the following circumstances: (1) The notice filed by the taxpayer concerns the assessment of or a deduction from the assessed value of the taxpayer's homestead and the taxpayer is representing himself or herself before the county board. (2) The taxpayer withdraws the request for a review at least five days before the hearing. (3) The taxpayer submitted a written request to reschedule the hearing and has not failed to appear at any previous hearing before the board concerning the taxpayer's request for a review. (4) The county board waives the penalty at its own discretion. Requires a power of attorney filed by a tax representative to specify each property subject to the power of attorney and that the power of attorney the expires not more than three years after it is executed. Provides that the department of local government finance shall specify educational criteria for acceptable tested courses offered by nationally recognized assessing organizations, post-secondary educational institutions, and other education delivery organizations in each subject matter area of the curriculum designed for certification of a level three assessor-appraiser. (Current law provides that the only acceptable courses are those offered by nationally recognized assessing organizations.) Appropriates an additional $250,000 to the Indiana board of tax review to reduce the number of appeals pending before the board. Requires the budget agency to allot the money and any other amounts appropriated to the board. Provides that amounts appropriated for state fiscal years beginning after June 30, 2012, may not be reverted unless the number of pending appeals is reduced to less than 1,000. Requires the board to report to the budget committee in 2013 whether the additional resources have enabled the board to significantly reduce the number of pending appeals and whether additional resources are necessary to manage the board's caseload.
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