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Senate Bill 0263

Senate Bill 0263

ARCHIVE (2012)

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Property crimes. Authorizes a law enforcement officer to arrest a person who has committed theft, even if the theft is not committed in the officer's presence. Consolidates cemetery mischief, unlawful acts relating to caves, and computer tampering into the criminal mischief statute, and repeals the redundant statutes. Provides that a person who breaks and enters with the intent to commit theft commits burglary. Makes theft a: (1) Class A misdemeanor if the amount of property involved in the theft is less than $750; (2) Class D felony if the amount is at least $750 and less than $50,000, if the item stolen was a firearm, if the person has a prior conviction, or if the offense involved the failure to return a leased motor vehicle; and (3) Class C felony if the amount of property involved is at least $50,000. Removes provisions relating to receiving stolen property, and repeals the criminal conversion statute (transferring the provision concerning leased motor vehicles to the theft statute). Makes forgery a Class D felony, and consolidates certain provisions dealing with application fraud. Consolidates certain offenses made in connection with government contracts into the deception statute, and repeals redundant provisions. Makes the threshold for enhancing the penalty for certain frauds $50,000. Consolidates provisions relating to interference with drug screening tests, and repeals a redundant provision. Makes inmate fraud a Class D felony if the inmate is in pretrial status, and increases the penalty to a Class C felony if the inmate has been convicted or if the amount involved is at least $50,000. Makes conforming amendments.
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    In Committee - first House
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