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Senate Bill 0287

Senate Bill 0287

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF SB 287 (Updated March 6, 2012 2:37 pm - DI 84)

Department of child services. Makes conforming changes to the interstate compact for the placement of children. Changes references of the "county office of family and children" to the correct agency. Adds Title IV-D of the Social Security Act to the list of programs to which an agency may disclose a Social Security number. Removes a requirement that a local child protection team shall assist the department of child services ombudsman with redacting or reviewing certain reports. Removes a duty of the division of family services to administer preservation services to high risk youth. Removes language regarding deposits by the family and social services administration (FSSA) into the child welfare services account. Removes language requiring the department of child services (department) to prepare and submit information to the state board of accounts. Requires certain information to be included in a paternity affidavit. Removes language requiring the department to investigate and report to a court regarding the conditions of a minor and the fitness of a guardian if ordered by a court. Makes statutes consistent regarding the age of a child that a person may give up under the safe haven statute. Provides that the department has authority to redirect a payment to the appropriate government agency when there is an assignment under Title IV-A or IV-E. Removes the requirement that an obligee must disclose the person's Social Security number on certain child support related forms. Changes references to the Indiana support enforcement tracking system to include the successor statewide automated support enforcement system. Makes changes to background check statutes to be consistent with federal law. Requires the department to consult with the division of family resources regarding the adoption of rules concerning child caring institutions and group homes that are licensed for infants and toddlers. Modifies statutes concerning licensing procedures and criminal history checks that the department performs. Removes certain facilities that may be licensed as a secure private facility. Removes the requirement that the department must purchase one computer for every two case managers. Provides that certain Title IV-D fees may be set according to rules adopted by the department. Provides that a corrective action for emergency protection of children includes a hold on new placements. Requires the department to advise a parent who is voluntarily relinquishing parental rights that the parent's consent may not be based upon a promise regarding the child's adoption or contact of any type with the child after the parent voluntarily relinquishes parental rights. Requires the department to require a consumer report on certain children in state foster care. Requires a court to enter findings of fact that support the entry of its conclusions granting a termination of parental rights. Repeals the county child advocacy fund. Repeals language requiring the department and probation department to make progress reports on certain children. Repeals language regarding destitute children. Repeals the definition of "kinship caregiver". Adds cross references. Makes technical corrections.
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