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Senate Bill 0327

Senate Bill 0327

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF SB 327 (Updated February 23, 2012 10:29 am - DI 96)

Registration of vehicles and license plates. Makes changes concerning registration of vehicles and issuance of license plates. Makes changes concerning the issuance of special group recognition and personalized license plates by the bureau of motor vehicles (bureau). Provides for the bureau to issue personalized license plates on a five year cycle. (Current law provides for personalized license plates to be issued on an annual basis.) Eliminates certain special group recognition license plates upon enactment, and eliminates other special group recognition license plates in 2013 and 2015. Establishes procedures for a special group to apply for and be issued a special group recognition license plate. Sets license plate sales thresholds for continued participation by a special group in the special group recognition license plate program. Repeals language concerning statutory special group recognition license plates that are no longer issued. Provides that a parking placard for a person with a physical disability may be displayed on the dashboard or the rearview mirror of a vehicle. Requires a person whose driver's license, permit, or driving privileges, or certificate of registration or license plate that has been revoked or invalidated to return the license, permit, certificate of registration, or license plate to the bureau, and allows seizure by a law enforcement officer if not returned. Provides that the bureau may issue distinctive permanent plates to an elected constable of a small claims court. Repeals outdated language. Repeals language concerning low numbered motor vehicle registration license plates. Makes conforming changes.
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    Out of Committee 2nd House
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