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Senate Bill 0360

Senate Bill 0360

ARCHIVE (2012)

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Cell phone GPS tracking. Requires a person who sells a cellular telephone or provides wireless telephone service to inform a subscriber how to deactivate the device's GPS tracking function. Specifies that the failure to provide this information is a deceptive act that may be enforced by the attorney general. Makes it a Class A misdemeanor to track another person by GPS unless: (1) the person obtains a warrant; (2) the tracking is done in the normal course of business by a service provider; (3) the tracking is performed by the federal government under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act; (4) the person consents to the tracking; (5) a parent has consented to the tracking of the parent's child; (6) the ability to track a specific person is offered to the general public; (7) the tracking is done by a law enforcement officer or emergency services provider to respond to a request for assistance by the person, or under circumstances in which the person's life or safety is threatened; or (8) the tracking is of a person who has stolen an item containing the GPS device.
    Current Status:
    In Committee - first House
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