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Senate Bill 0401

Senate Bill 0401

ARCHIVE (2012)

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Buy American in public works and purchasing. Provides that every public works contract must require that products used or supplied under the contract must be manufactured in the United States. Provides that this requirement does not apply to a particular product if the head of the public agency letting the public works contract makes a written determination that: (1) the application of the requirement to the product is inconsistent with the public interest; (2) the product is not produced in the United States in sufficient quantities or of a satisfactory quality to meet the requirements of the contract; or (3) requiring the product to be made in the United States will increase the cost of the overall public works project by more than twenty-five percent (25%). Provides an opportunity for public comment before an agency head's determination waiving the requirement becomes effective. Provides that a person that makes certain false representations relating to the country of manufacture of a product may not be considered responsible for purposes of awarding a public works contract. Enacts a parallel statute relating to public purchasing by the state and political subdivisions. Repeals a superseded public purchasing statute relating to the purchase of supplies manufactured in the United States.
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    In Committee - first House
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