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House Bill 1115

House Bill 1115

ARCHIVE (2013)

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Alcoholic beverages. Allows an affiliate of a wholesaler that holds a carrier's alcoholic permit to provide logistic services that involve providing, documenting and coordinating delivery, transporting, preparing an order for, storing, or warehousing alcoholic beverages of any type. Prohibits a carrier holding a carrier's alcoholic permit from providing logistic services unless the carrier: (1) enters into a written agreement with the wholesaler that is requesting the logistic services; and (2) charges a commercially reasonable fee. Requires a carrier who provides logistic services to provide annually to the alcohol and tobacco commission a: (1) copy of all the written agreements with a wholesaler; and (2) report from a certified public accountant regarding payment for the logistic services. Prohibits a carrier's alcoholic permit under which logistic services are provided from being transferred. Prohibits employees of a carrier providing logistic services from providing any post delivery merchandising, sales, or other services to an alcoholic beverage retailer or dealer permittee.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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