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House Bill 1289

House Bill 1289

ARCHIVE (2013)

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DIGEST OF HB 1289 (Updated April 16, 2013 5:03 pm - DI 84)

Levee repair and reimbursement. Requires a committee in charge of a levee to perform the maintenance of and repairs to the levee that are necessary to maintain federal certification of the levee. Provides that the maintenance costs shall be apportioned and assessed in the same manner as repair costs and expenses to a levee. Provides for notice to be given within 10 days to the county executive when a levee is no longer in compliance with federal certification requirements. Requires a committee in charge of a levee to apportion and assess costs of levee repairs not more than 90 days after the statement of costs and expenses for repairs is filed with the county auditor. Requires that if a committee in charge of a levee: (1) has filed the statement of costs and expenses for repairs; and (2) has not reimbursed the county for the costs and expenses for repairs to the levee or apportioned and assessed the costs; the committee shall apportion and assess the costs upon the land and corporations benefited by the repairs before September 29, 2013. Allows the county council and county executive to appoint a voting member to a levee committee. Provides that certain laws regarding structures in floodways do not apply to certain property that is to be rehabilitated and reused as an abode or residence if certain conditions apply. Urges the legislative council to assign to a study committee the topic of levee governance.
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