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House Bill 1311

House Bill 1311

ARCHIVE (2013)

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DIGEST OF HB 1311 (Updated April 22, 2013 6:17 pm - DI 84)

Election matters. Permits a county election board to adopt an order, under certain conditions, approving the use of an electronic poll list and electronic signature pads in each precinct of the county. Provides that, if a county election board adopts an order to provide an electronic poll list to the inspector for use at a polling place or at a satellite office, electronic poll lists may be used at an election (rather than certified poll lists). Provides that an order adopted to allow the use of electronic poll lists at an election may include the use of electronic signatures to sign the poll lists. Establishes additional standards for electronic poll books and poll lists. Establishes a procedure for the certification of electronic poll books. Specifies procedures for the use of electronic poll lists in counties that count absentee ballots at a central location. Establishes penalties for violations involving electronic poll books. Requires a local unit (other than a school corporation) to adopt an ordinance to recertify its boundaries whenever the local unit determines that redistricting after a federal decennial census is not required. Requires the governing body of a school corporation to send a copy of the school corporation's plan to the circuit court clerk of each county in which the school corporation is located and a certification that the school corporation's election districts satisfy statutory redistricting requirements if the school corporation elects governing body members by districts in which only the voters of a district may vote for the member representing that district. Requires this information to be sent to circuit court clerks not later than December 31, 2013. Requires the governing body of a school corporation to follow a similar process after a federal decennial census is conducted and each time the school corporation's plan is amended. Requires that a map of the legislative districts of a political subdivision be filed with the circuit court clerk each time the boundaries are redrawn or recertified. Specifies that a conflict between a map of a precinct and the description of the precinct set forth in a precinct establishment order is resolved in favor of the description. Provides that all school corporation district plans and local government redistricting ordinances have: (1) the same presumption of validity set forth in current law for certain school corporation district plans; and (2) the same method for resolving a conflict between a map of an election district and a description of the district set forth in the plan or ordinance. Specifies that the deadline to conduct redistricting in a metropolitan school corporation is December 31 of the year following the year in which a federal decennial census is conducted. (Current law requires that redistricting be completed one year after the effective date of the federal decennial census, which is April 1 of the year following the census). Provides that the Lake Station school corporation is subject to the same standards and procedures for the adoption of school board election districts as other school boards. (Current law establishes the Lake Station school board districts by descriptions in the Indiana Code.) Requires the census data advisory committee to study during the 2013 legislative interim: (1) the standards for determining residency for purposes of voting, candidacy, and holding office in Indiana; (2) allegations of voter suppression of African-Americans, Latinos, other ethnic minorities, and the elderly; (3) allegations of election fraud; (4) methods for improving election administration by reducing lines at polling places; (5) methods for reducing the cost of the election process; (6) methods for enabling an emergency first responder responding to an emergency declaration to receive an absentee ballot or absentee ballot application by electronic mail or facsimile machine; (7) the impact of sending written communications to a voter containing false vote history information regarding that voter; and (8) issues related to redistricting conducted by local units of government. Makes technical corrections.
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