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House Bill 1340

House Bill 1340

ARCHIVE (2013)

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High school graduation waivers. Requires the principal of a public school to inform a student and a parent of a student transferring to a nonaccredited nonpublic school of the legal responsibilities of transferring to a nonaccredited nonpublic school. Provides that the principal and the parent must sign a form to acknowledge that the parent understands the legal requirements of transferring to a nonaccredited nonpublic school. Provides that if the parent refuses to sign the form, the student is considered a dropout and shall be: (1) reported to the bureau of motor vehicles to revoke the student's driver's license or learner's permit; and (2) considered a dropout for purposes of calculating the high school's graduation rate. Provides that if a student is not progressing toward fulfillment of the student's graduation plan due to not achieving a passing score on the graduation examination, the school counselor shall meet with the: (1) student; (2) student's parent; and (3) student's teacher in the subject matter in which the student has not received a passing score on the graduation examination; to discuss available remediation and plan to meet the requirements necessary for a graduation waiver. Requires a secondary school's strategic and continuous school improvement and achievement plan to include a provision to reduce the number of graduation exam waivers. Provides that a teacher's recommendation for a graduation waiver must be aligned with the school corporation's policy. Provides as part of the graduation requirements for a student who fails the graduation exam that: (1) the student must complete the course and credit requirements for a general diploma, a workforce readiness assessment, and at least one industry certification or
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In Committee - first House
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