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House Bill 1364

House Bill 1364

ARCHIVE (2013)

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DIGEST OF HB 1364 (Updated February 11, 2013 2:36 pm - DI 84)

Intimidation or torment of a school employee. Provides that a student, former student, or parent of a student may not, with the intent to intimidate or torment a school employee: (1) build a fake profile of a school employee on an Internet web site; (2) post or encourage other people to post on an Internet web site private, personal, or sexual information pertaining to a school employee; (3) post a real or doctored image of a school employee on an Internet web site; (4) access, alter, or erase any computer network, computer data, computer program, or computer software that belongs to a school employee; or (5) use a computer system for repeated, continuing, or sustained electronic communications, including electronic mail or posts on a social networking web site, to a school employee. Provides that a court may issue an injunction and order liquidated damages. Provides that a school corporation must prohibit cyberbullying of a school employee in the school discipline rules.
Current Status:
Defeated - first House
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