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House Bill 1457

House Bill 1457

ARCHIVE (2013)

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DIGEST OF HB 1457 (Updated April 17, 2013 2:46 pm - DI 84)

Unemployment insurance. Provides that the experience account of an employer may not be relieved of charges for an unemployment benefit (benefit) overpayment if the department of workforce development (department) determines that: (1) the erroneous payment was made because the employer or a person acting on behalf of the employer was at fault in failing to respond in a timely or adequate manner to the department's written request for information relating to the claim for unemployment benefits; and (2) the employer or a person acting on behalf of the employer has established a pattern of failure to respond in a timely or adequate manner to department requests. Provides that an individual receiving benefits is required to participate in reemployment and eligibility assessment activities (activities) when directed to do so by the department and permits the department to require an individual to provide proof of identity to participate in the activities. For employers in the construction industry, establishes a new employer contribution rate equal to the lesser of 4% or the average of the contribution rates paid by all employers in the construction industry subject to the unemployment law during the 12 months preceding the computation date. Provides that the commissioner of the department, after having computed the rate of contributions due from an employer from an estimate on the basis of the best evidence reasonably available, may increase or decrease the rate of contributions due from the employer on the basis of subsequently ascertained and verified information. Provides that 15% of the interest and civil penalties collected from a claimant who knowingly failed to disclose or falsified any fact that if accurately reported would disqualify the individual from receiving a benefit or that would reduce the benefit are deposited in the unemployment insurance trust fund. (Currently, all of the interest and civil penalties for fraudulent overpayments are deposited in the special employment and training services fund.) Requires an employer to report to the directory of new hires (directory) the same information reported for a new hire for an employee who resumes employment after at least a 60 day break in service. Establishes a civil penalty of $25 for an employer that fails to report information about new hires to the directory. Urges the legislative council to assign to the unemployment insurance oversight committee the task of studying: (1) the use of debit cards to pay benefits; and (2) the direct deposit of benefits to a claimant's own checking or savings account.
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