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House Bill 1468

House Bill 1468

ARCHIVE (2013)

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Leave for disaster service. Provides that a medical professional who is a full-time employee of the state, a political subdivision, or a private employer may not be disciplined for responding to a call for assistance following a disaster if the employee presents a written statement from a person in charge of the disaster response for which the employee provided assistance stating that the employee was engaged in disaster response activities at the time of the employee's absence from work. Provides that an employee who is injured while the employee is responding to a call for assistance following a disaster may not be disciplined as a result of the injury or an absence from work that does not exceed six months because of the injury, if the employee provides evidence from a physician or other medical authority showing: (1) treatment for the injury at the time of the absence; and (2) a connection between the injury and the employee's disaster response activities. Provides that an employee who is disciplined by a political subdivision employer for a permitted absence may bring a civil action against the employer within one year of the discipline to recover back wages, fringe benefits, seniority rights, and reinstatement to the employee's former position. Provides that a public servant who permits or authorizes an employee of a political subdivision under the public servant's supervision to be absent from employment for disaster response activities does not commit ghost employment.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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