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Senate Bill 0001

Senate Bill 0001

ARCHIVE (2013)

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DIGEST OF SB 1 (Updated April 26, 2013 6:59 pm - DI 104)

School resource officers and school safety. Specifies how a school resource officer program may be established and sets forth duties and responsibilities for school resource officers. Provides that a person, before being appointed as a school resource officer, must successfully complete the training requirements for law enforcement officers and receive 40 hours of certified school resource officer training. Establishes the Indiana secured school fund (fund) under the administration of the department of homeland security to provide matching grants to enable school corporations and charter schools to establish programs to: (1) employ school resource officers; (2) conduct threat assessments of school buildings; or (3) purchase safety equipment and technology. Creates the secured school safety board to approve or disapprove applications for matching grants from the fund and to develop best practices for school resource officers. Provides that a matching grant from the fund may not exceed the following: (1) $50,000 per year, in the case of a school corporation or charter school that has an ADM of at least 1,000 and is not applying jointly. (2) $35,000 per year, in the case of a school corporation or charter school that has an ADM of less than 1,000 and is not applying jointly. (3) $50,000 per year, in the case of a coalition of schools applying jointly. Eliminates the authority to use money in the safe schools fund for certain purposes. Provides that in order to receive a matching grant, a school corporation or charter school must be located in a county that has a county school safety commission. Provides that a school safety plan is available, upon request, to a member of the secured school safety board. Requires a county school safety commission to receive school safety plans. Requires a law enforcement agency to notify a school if a student is apprehended because a law enforcement officer had reasonable grounds to believe the student has a mental illness, is dangerous, and is in need of hospitalization and treatment. Requires a law enforcement agency to include training to law enforcement officers pertaining to school notification requirements. Provides that for purposes of resisting law enforcement and disarming a law enforcement officer, a law enforcement officer includes a school resource officer, in certain situations, and a school corporation police officer. Provides that the state shall indemnify a public school against a loss resulting from any injury to a person caused by a school resource officer if the loss was the result of misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance in connection with the use of the officer's weapon. Provides that the statute regarding possession of a firearm on school property does not apply to a person who may legally possess a firearm and who has been authorized by a school board or body that administers a charter school to carry a firearm in or on school property. Establishes the school safety interim study committee, which shall: (1) study how to improve the safety of schools in Indiana; (2) develop best practices for a school resource officer to employ in order to successfully carry out the officer's responsibilities; and (3) study additional topics that the legislative council assigns.
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