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Senate Bill 0242

Senate Bill 0242

ARCHIVE (2013)

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DIGEST OF SB 242 (Updated April 1, 2013 2:16 pm - DI 84)

Homeland security matters. Provides that the emergency response commission may withhold funding from a local emergency planning committee for failing to provide proof that each committee member is properly trained in the code of ethics. Provides that a unit that requests assistance through the statewide mutual aid program (program) must: (1) provide a copy of the request to the state emergency operations center (emergency center) within 48 hours after making the request; and (2) state that the request is being made through the program. Provides that a unit that renders assistance through the program and seeks reimbursement must submit an itemized statement of expenses to the unit that receives the assistance not more than 30 days after the assistance is rendered. Requires a shipper of highway route controlled quantity (HRCQ) radioactive materials to obtain a shipping permit from and pay certain fees to the department of homeland security, and notify the emergency center of the shipment. Imposes a civil penalty on a shipper of HRCQ radioactive materials that fails to obtain a permit, pay a fee, or notify the emergency center. Deposits the fees and penalties in the nuclear response fund. Provides that money in the nuclear response fund may be to used to enforce provisions relating to the transportation of HRCQ radioactive materials. (Under current law, money in the nuclear response fund may be used only to enforce provisions related to the transportation of radioactive waste.) Specifies the funding sources of the regional public safety training fund (training fund). Provides that certain money in the training fund must be used for fire investigation training. Requires the department of homeland security to transfer all money in the statewide arson investigation financial assistance fund (arson fund) to the training fund. Provides that the statute establishing the arson fund expires July 1, 2013. Provides that the board of firefighting personnel standards and education may adopt emergency rules concerning the adoption of the standards of the National Fire Protection Association. Establishes notice and hearing requirements and expiration dates for the emergency rules. Makes a technical correction.
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