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Senate Bill 0280

Senate Bill 0280

ARCHIVE (2013)

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Defense of legislative lawsuits. Provides that, if: (1) the constitutionality or enforcement of a state statute is being challenged; and (2) a member of the general assembly who is the first author of a bill finds that the statute is not being adequately defended; the first author has standing to intervene as a party in the action. Permits the second author to intervene if the first author is no longer a member of the general assembly, and permits the speaker of the house of representatives or the president pro tempore of the senate to appoint a member to substitute for the member who intervened if that person ceases to be a member of the general assembly. Provides that a member with standing to intervene may employ an attorney to represent the member, requires the member to seek an attorney who will represent the member on a pro bono basis, and specifies that if the member is unable to obtain a qualified attorney to represent the member on a pro bono basis, the attorney general shall pay the reasonable costs and fees related to the representation. Requires the attorney general to forward a notice relating to a challenge of the constitutionality of a statute to the legislative council and first author of the bill enacting or amending the statute.
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    In Committee - first House
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