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Senate Bill 0322

Senate Bill 0322

ARCHIVE (2013)

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Library boards. Provides that a public library outside Marion County, the library board of which is comprised of a majority of officials who are not elected, is subject to binding review and approval of the public library's budget by a county, city, or town fiscal body, as appropriate. (Current law requires binding review and approval only if the library's budget is increasing faster than the assessed value growth quotient.) Provides that if a public library that is required to submit the library's budget for binding review and approval wants to make an additional appropriation, the additional appropriation must first be approved by a city, town, or county fiscal body, as appropriate under the binding review and approval statute. (Current law requires that the additional appropriation must be approved only if the additional appropriation would result in the budget for the library for that year increasing, as compared to the previous year, by a percentage that is greater than the assessed value growth quotient percentage.)
    Current Status:
    In Committee - first House
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