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Senate Bill 0379

Senate Bill 0379

ARCHIVE (2013)

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Municipal library reorganization. Provides that subject to the approval of voters in a referendum, a public library for which at least 95% of the library district territory is located in one municipality may be reorganized as a municipal library department. Specifies that a referendum on the reorganization of such a library may be placed on the ballot if the holding of the referendum is approved by the library board and by the legislative body of the municipality. Specifies that if the referendum is approved, the public library ceases to be a separate political subdivision and an independent taxing unit, and is instead a municipal library department of the municipality. Specifies the membership of the library board of the municipal library department. Provides that the municipal library board shall appoint the head of the municipal library department, subject to the approval of the legislative body of the municipality. Provides that if the referendum is approved, all territory within the municipality is a library special taxing district, and that to the extent that the boundaries of the library district included territory outside the municipality, that territory is also part of the municipal library department and the library special taxing district. Specifies that any territory annexed by such a municipality becomes part of the library special taxing district of the municipality, regardless of whether the annexed territory is already part of another library district. Provides that, with certain exceptions, a municipal library department has the powers and duties of a Class 1 public library. Provides that the municipal fiscal body exercises the fiscal and appropriation powers otherwise granted to a library board. Requires the department of local government finance to establish a separate
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    In Committee - first House
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