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Senate Bill 0388

Senate Bill 0388

ARCHIVE (2013)

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DIGEST OF SB 388 (Updated April 25, 2013 3:03 pm - DI 102)

Election matters. Provides that a voter casting, or waiting in line to cast, an early vote absentee ballot in person at: (1) a location of an office of the circuit court clerk designated by the circuit court clerk; (2) the office of a board of elections and registration; or (3) a satellite office; when the hour for closing the location or office, or the deadline for voting, occurs, shall be permitted to vote unless otherwise prevented according to law. Provides that an individual designated by the circuit court clerk at an early voting location shall: (1) determine the end of the line of voters who are waiting to vote at the time the hour for closing an early voting location occurs; and (2) use one of the following methods to identify the voters in the line who may vote unless otherwise prevented according to law: (A) writing down the name of each voter; (B) stamping each voter's hand; or (C) standing, or designating another individual to stand, immediately behind the last voter who may vote. Urges the legislative council to assign to the census data advisory committee the study of the election day voting process, including ways to ensure that every voter in line at the hour for closing the polls, and only those voters, may vote.
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