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Senate Bill 0433

Senate Bill 0433

ARCHIVE (2013)

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DIGEST OF SB 433 (Updated April 26, 2013 9:59 pm - DI 113)

Abandoned property; property safety; mobile homes. Establishes a procedure to permit a county executive to transfer certain properties that did not sell at a tax sale to a person able to repair and maintain the properties. Provides that before the county executive may transfer properties that did not sell at a tax sale to a nonprofit corporation, an abutting property owner, or a person satisfactorily able to repair and maintain the property, a person with a substantial interest in the property must be given an opportunity to redeem the property. Removes a requirement that the county executive's sale of a certain contiguous vacant parcel to an adjoining property owner may be conducted only if construction of a residential dwelling is permitted on the vacant parcel. Requires that certain notices concerning demolition and removal under the unsafe building law must be served on each person with a known or recorded substantial property interest. Requires a county executive, in preparing the list of tax delinquent properties that must be submitted annually to the county auditor, to include on the list any real property that the executive of a city or town located in the county has determined to be abandoned and has identified as such to the county executive. Requires the county auditor of a county not having a consolidated city to prepare a list of tracts or items of real property within each city or town located in the county for which the fall installment of the most recent previous year's taxes is delinquent and to give a copy of the list to the appropriate city or town or post the list on the county's web site. Requires a county executive to give notice to the executive of a city or town in which is located real property that is subject to sale or transfer under the statute governing sale or transfer of properties with delinquent taxes or assessments so that the city or town may accept transfer of the property. Amends a statute authorizing judicial determination that real property subject to a mortgage is abandoned so as to authorize a judicial determination under that statute that real property not subject to a mortgage is abandoned. Authorizes a municipality or county to bring an action to collect unpaid expenses relating to the abatement of high weeds and grass. (Under current law, the municipality or county may obtain only a lien on the property containing the high weeds and grass.) Provides that a creditor is a person immune from civil liability for entering abandoned real property to perform certain actions to clean up the real property. Provides that removal or painting over of graffiti is an action that is immunized. Provides that a person who enters or refuses to leave vacant or abandoned property after having been barred from the property by a court order or a law enforcement officer commits criminal trespass. Provides that for purposes of the statute relating to removal of weeds from properties, notice may be given by first class mail rather than by certified mail. Provides that only the owner of a mobile home may obtain the permit required to move the mobile home from one location to another. Requires a county treasurer to notify the appropriate assessing official of the township to which a mobile home will be moved that a permit to move the mobile home has been issued. Requires the department of local government finance to develop a system for recording the property tax information for a mobile home that is not assessed as real property. Provides that the system must use an identification number that is unique to the vehicle identification number of the mobile home. Imposes recording requirements upon purchase contracts for a mobile home or manufactured home that is not assessed as real property. Provides that for assessment dates after December 31, 2013: (1) a contract buyer claiming the standard deduction with respect to a mobile home or manufactured home that is not assessed as real property while purchasing the mobile home or manufactured home under a contract must show compliance with the new requirements; and (2) an owner other than a contract buyer must attach a copy of the owner's title to the mobile home or manufactured home to the application for the deduction. Specifies that a reference to a manufactured home in the certificate of title law must be construed as a reference to a mobile home. Provides that mobile home community registers must be open to inspection by township and county assessors. Specifies the information that must be submitted to the county recorder to have a contract for the sale of a manufactured home or mobile home recorded. Specifies that any applicable recording fees must be paid. Requires the county recorder to provide the submitted information to the county treasurer and to notify the appropriate assessing official that such a contract has been recorded. Makes certain technical changes.
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