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Senate Bill 0458

Senate Bill 0458

ARCHIVE (2013)

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Electronic notice by political subdivisions. Allows a political subdivision, which includes an agency of a political subdivision, to publish legal notices on a notice web site instead of in a newspaper. Establishes requirements regarding availability and accessibility of the notice web site. Requires the political subdivision to designate an official responsible for the electronic publication of notices. Requires that a notice web site must have a link that allows a person to submit a complaint to the political subdivision if access to any notice fails. Provides that if a political subdivision does not have an official web site, and the political subdivision chooses to publish notices electronically, the notices shall be published on an official web site of the county government, if: (1) the county government has an official web site; and (2) the county government web site complies with the electronic publication requirements. Establishes requirements for the duration of the posting of a legal notice and proof of posting. Requires a political subdivision or an agency of a political subdivision to publish an advertisement in a newspaper once a week that states the Internet address of the notice web site and information regarding Internet accessibility.
    Current Status:
     In Committee - first House
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