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Senate Bill 0495

Senate Bill 0495

ARCHIVE (2013)

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Property tax assessment date. Changes the assessment date for property to January 1 of the year in which the taxes are due, beginning with property taxes payable in 2016. Adjusts filing dates for personal property returns and deduction applications. Requires assessors to provide access to personal property tax returns and schedules on the Internet beginning in 2016. Allows the department of local government finance (DLGF) to require electronic data submission for personal property taxes beginning in 2016. Permits the DLGF to prescribe the assessed value reduction for a taxing unit to absorb the effects of estimated reduced property tax collections beginning in 2016. (Until 2016 the reduction may not exceed 2%.) Permits the DLGF to adopt emergency rules to implement the date change.
    Current Status:
    In Committee - first House
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