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Senate Bill 0513

Senate Bill 0513

ARCHIVE (2013)

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Unpasteurized cow's milk. Amends the definitions of "dairy farm" and "milk producer" as applied to the animal health and animal products laws. Allows the sale of raw milk from cows if the milk producer meets certain requirements. Requires the board of animal health (BOAH) to adopt rules. Prohibits a person from reselling or redistributing raw milk, or offering, providing, or distributing raw milk in a restaurant, educational institution, day care facility, or health care facility. Requires the state chemist to adopt certain rules concerning a commercial feed, pet food, or specialty pet food that uses raw milk that are consistent with rules adopted by the BOAH. Makes it a Class A infraction to distribute raw milk for use as a commercial feed, pet food, or specialty pet food if the raw milk does not comply with the requirements adopted by the state chemist.
    Current Status:
    In Committee - first House
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