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Senate Bill 0519

Senate Bill 0519

ARCHIVE (2013)

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DIGEST OF SB 519 (Updated April 25, 2013 1:48 pm - DI 84)

Various election law matters. Defines "domicile", "inhabitant" and "immediate family" for purposes of election law. Removes references to "pasters". Specifies that a county order to use electronic poll books applies to all precincts in a county conducting an election. Makes changes in the standards for determining residency of voters and candidates. Requires the NVRA official to conduct an annual residency confirmation and outreach procedure. Establishes the voter education outreach fund to receive, hold, and disburse funds for education and outreach to citizens concerning voter rights and responsibilities. Permits county vote center plans to designate other titles for precinct election officials. Provides that the county vote center plan must specify which precinct election officer is to perform a duty required of a precinct election officer by the election code. Provides that vote center plans are required to include certain provisions applicable only when an election is not being held in all of a county. Provides that the NVRA official (rather than the secretary of family and social services) designates "full service" registration agencies. Makes several other changes regarding the designation of voter registration agencies. Provides that the subscription of an entity to statewide voter registration file information expires on the first January 1 following payment of the annual fee. Requires that a poll list used in a primary to indicate if a voter is less than 18 years of age. Specifies that a state agency or county voter registration office receiving a voter registration application through the statewide voter registration system is not subject to the requirements applicable to a person who takes custody of an individual's voter registration application. Provides that a voter registration application is considered incomplete if another person takes custody of the application from the applicant, and files the application with the county voter registration office without including certain information to be provided by the person with custody of the application. Specifies that registration forms previously approved by the Indiana election commission which do not comply with the requirements to provide a space for a sworn statement of the name and address of an individual who received the form from the applicant, the date on which the form was received from the applicant, and contain a receipt to be given to the applicant from the individual who receives the application may not be used after December 31, 2013 or accepted by a county voter registration office. Requires comparison of voter lists from certain neighboring states and others with the Indiana voter registration list to identify duplicate registrations and any cases in which a voter cast a ballot in more than one state during the same election. Requires a county voter registration office to cancel the registration of a voter if the office receives certain notices of the voter's death. Requires the state department of health and the election division to obtain certain information about the deaths of Indiana residents for purposes of maintaining voter registration records. Establishes procedures for county processing of voter registration record cancellations. Provides that a “tablet” may be used in place of a signature pad to capture a voter's signature at the polls in counties using electronic poll books. Establishes standards regarding the storage and archiving of information obtained from electronic poll books. Requires that the statewide voter registration system be able to upload vote history and other information from an electronic pollbook certified by the secretary of state for use in Indiana at the end of each day absentee voting is conducted using the electronic pollbook. Requires that an electronic pollbook must be able to permit vote history to be quickly and accurately uploaded into the statewide voter registration system on each day after absentee voting concludes in the clerk's office, a satellite clerk's office, or a vote center. Requires that a signature pad used with an electronic pollbook must capture the image of the signature made by the voter for retention as part of the records of the election. Permits the county election board of a county that is not a vote center county to adopt an order to use electronic poll lists. Establishes additional standards for electronic poll lists. Permits the family and social services administration and the state department of health to transmit voter registration applications by first class mail. (Current law requires the use of certified mail, when mail is used.) Provides that the polls may not be located in a structure on or in which is affixed any display visible to a voter of political preference or party allegiance. Specifies that this does not prohibit the location of the polls in a structure that includes any pictures, photographs, or other likenesses of any currently elected federal, state, county, or local official, other than within the polls or chute. States that an individual commits a violation when knowingly making a false statement regarding the voter's address (whether the address has changed or remains the same as set forth on the poll list). Provides that a government employee may not knowingly or intentionally: (1) use certain property of the employee's government employer to solicit a contribution, advocate the election or defeat of a candidate, or advocate the approval or defeat of a public question; or (2) distribute campaign materials advocating: the election or defeat of a candidate; or the approval or defeat of a public question; on the government employer's real property during regular working hours. Provides that the prohibitions do not apply to activities permitted under the statute governing issuance of bonds or other evidences of indebtedness by a political subdivision. Provides that a violation of the prohibition is a Class A misdemeanor. Provides that a second or subsequent conviction for a violation is a Class D felony. Makes technical changes. Repeals: (1) obsolete procedures relating to designation of voter registration agencies; (2) a requirement for counties to have an NVRA implementation plan; (3) requirements relating to making memoranda of voter registration documents; (4) statutes relating to pasters; (5) sample ballots; and (6) delivery of absentee ballot applications.
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