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Senate Bill 0544

Senate Bill 0544

ARCHIVE (2013)

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DIGEST OF SB 544 (Updated April 26, 2013 7:04 pm - DI 58)

State and local tax administration. Specifies the dates by which an ordinance to impose, increase, decrease, or rescind a county income tax must be adopted and the date the ordinance takes effect. Specifies that county auditors shall send a certified copy of ordinances to impose, increase, decrease, or rescind a county income tax rate to the department of state revenue (department), the budget agency, and the department of local government finance in an electronic format approved by the director of the budget agency. Provides that if the commissioner of the department determines that an ordinance to impose, increase, decrease, or rescind a county income tax rate was not adopted according to the statutory requirements: (1) the commissioner shall notify the county auditor that the ordinance was not adopted according to the requirements of the statute and shall specify the corrective action that must be taken for the ordinance to be in compliance with the statute; and (2) the ordinance may not take effect until the corrective action is taken. Provides that before August 2 of each calendar year, the budget agency shall provide to each county auditor an estimate of the amount of county income tax that will be distributed to the county, based on known tax rates. Requires the budget agency to certify before October 1 the amount of a county's certified distribution of county income tax for the following year. Provides that a county is entitled to a supplemental distribution of county income tax if the budget agency determines that the balance in the county's trust account exceeds 50% (rather than 150%, under current law) of the certified distributions to be made in the following year. Provides that the bureau of motor vehicles (rather than the auditor of state) shall make required distributions and transfers of boat excise tax revenue. Requires the auditor of state to recalculate the state welfare and tuition support allocation amount to be recaptured by the state from certain excise tax distributions if a new taxing district is established or if the boundaries of a taxing district change. Requires the bureau of motor vehicles to verify the accuracy and completeness of certain information on vehicle registration forms. Specifies that if the department makes a refund of sales taxes, cigarette taxes, tobacco products taxes, or alcoholic beverage taxes, the department shall charge each fund into which the taxes have been allocated or distributed with that fund's proportionate share of the amount of taxes refunded. Requires the department to provide information concerning county road mileage to the auditor of state before April 1 of each year, for purposes of determining distributions from the motor vehicle highway account. Provides that if the alcohol and tobacco commission or the bureau of motor vehicles notifies the professional licensing agency that a person has an outstanding balance due, the professional licensing agency shall not issue or renew the person's license until the person provides to the licensing agency a statement from the commission or the bureau indicating that the outstanding balance has been satisfied. Requires businesses operating in certain special tax areas and districts to annually report information that the department determines necessary to calculate the incremental taxes that will be captured by the district or area. Requires taxpayers that file consolidated tax returns also to file annually an informational return for each business location of the taxpayer within such a district or area. Provides that if taxpayers located in such special tax areas or districts fail to report required information or file required informational returns, the department shall use the best information available in calculating the amount of incremental taxes in the area or district. Provides that the department may release information concerning total incremental tax revenue from such a district or area to the fiscal officer of the political subdivision or other entity that established the district or area, if that fiscal officer enters into an agreement with the department specifying that the information will be used solely for official purposes. Urges the legislative council to assign to an interim study committee the study of the administration of the county adjusted gross income tax, county option income tax, and county economic development income tax.
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