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Senate Bill 0559

Senate Bill 0559

ARCHIVE (2013)

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DIGEST OF SB 559 (Updated April 17, 2013 2:19 pm - DI 84)

Fraud. Establishes procedures for filing a civil action on behalf of the state to recover money owed to the state, plus civil penalties and damages, due to the filing of a false claim under the Medicaid program. Provides that the attorney general and the inspector general have concurrent jurisdiction to investigate such false claims. Permits an individual to file a civil action concerning false Medicaid claims on behalf of the individual and the state, and specifies the amounts an individual is entitled to receive if the state prevails in the action. Under certain conditions, allows the attorney general or the inspector general to intervene in an action filed by an individual or to seek dismissal of that action. Provides enhanced relief for a whistleblower who has been retaliated against by an employer for assisting in an investigation concerning a false Medicaid claim. Specifies that all state agencies shall cooperate with the department of state revenue (department) in tax administration by providing, at no charge to the department, relevant information that the department requests, including monthly reports identifying the use of a fraudulent identity. Requires the department of correction to annually provide to the department an electronic file listing the name and Social Security number of each individual under the jurisdiction of the department of correction. Requires the state department of health to annually provide to the department an electronic file listing the name of each individual for whom an Indiana death certificate was issued during the last year. Requires the state excise police to investigate allegations of electronic benefit transfer (EBT) fraud. Requires an owner, vendor, or third party processor of an automated teller machine or point of sale terminal to disable access to electronic cash assistance benefits in specified prohibited locations. Requires the division of family resources to assist owners, vendors, and third party processors in carrying out this provision. Makes it a Class B infraction for a person to violate these provisions. Requires the division of family resources to establish a process for certain recipients to follow in order to receive a replacement EBT card. Sets forth the Medicaid ineligibility time frame for a person who is convicted of forgery, fraud, legend drug deception, and other deceptions related to the application for or receipt of Medicaid assistance. Requires a transportation provider that applies to enroll in the Medicaid program to file with the office of Medicaid policy and planning a surety bond to be used for specified purposes. Provides certain exceptions. Includes pharmacy benefit managers in the definition of "insurer" for purposes of releasing specified information to the office of Medicaid policy and planning (office) and the office's agents. Requires the office to visit certain Medicaid providers and provider applicants if certain conditions are met. Requires a national criminal history background check on certain Medicaid provider applicants at the cost of the applicant. Allows an audit and inspection of completed school lunch program applications to ensure that applicants meet the requirements to participate in the program.
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