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Special Joint Budget Committee

  Sen. Luke Kenley, Co-Chairperson
  Rep. William Crawford, Co-Chairperson
  Sen. Brandt Hershman
  Sen.John Broden
  Sen. Karen Tallian
  Rep. Scott Pelath
  Rep. Jeffrey Espich
  Rep. P. Eric Turner
   Advisory Member Sen. Gary Dillon
  Advisory Member Sen. Lindel Hume
  Advisory Member Rep. Terry Goodin
  Advisory Member Rep. Randy Borror

  George Angelone, Attorney for the Committee
  Ed Gohmann, Attorney for the Committee
  Michael Landwer, Attorney for the Commitee
  Diane Powers, Fiscal Analyst for the Committee
  Al Gossard, Fiscal Analyst for the Committee
  Jim Landers, Fiscal Analyst for the Committee

No Expiration Information is Available

Notices and Agendas:


2009, 2010, 2011 School Formula Simulation

Preliminary Drafts:
Governor's Budget Proposal
PD 3023 (ss)