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Name Description Status
SB 3 Judicial officers. (S) Signed by the Governor 3
SB 21 Vanderburgh circuit court magistrate. (S) Committee report: do pass, adopted. 21
SB 60 Representation of judges in mandate of funds litigation. (S) Public Law 19 60
SB 109 Supreme court justices and court of appeals judges. (S) Third reading: Failed for lack of constitutional majority Roll Call 145: yeas 24 and nays 24 109
SB 150 Judges' and magistrates' pensions. (S) First Reading: Referred to Pensions and Labor 150
SB 160 Courts and court officers. (S) Public Law 23 160
SB 366 Township small claims courts and garnishments. (H) First Reading: Referred to Judiciary 366
HB 1178 Restricted addresses of judges. (H) Signed by the Governor 1178
HB 1296 1977 judges' retirement system survivor benefits. (H) First Reading: Referred to Employment, Labor and Pensions 1296
SCR 8 A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION memorializing Judge Robert R. Brown and urging the Indiana Department of Transportation to rename that section of U.S. Highway 50. (H) Returned to Senate 8