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Name Description Status
SB 69 Use of DNA evidence. (S) First Reading: Referred to Judiciary 69
SB 206 Financial exploitation of seniors. (S) First Reading: Referred to Judiciary 206
SB 229 Firearm matters. (S) Public Law 157 229
SB 291 Human trafficking investigations. (S) Signed by the Governor 291
SB 313 Study committee topic. (H) First Reading: Referred to Veterans Affairs and Public Safety 313
SB 343 Law enforcement training and emergency services. (S) Signed by the Governor 343
SB 417 Automated license plate readers. (S) First Reading: Referred to Homeland Security, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs 417
HB 1384 Downloading of cellular telephone information by police. (H) Signed by the Governor 1384
HB 1392 Retention of blood samples. (H) First Reading: Referred to Courts and Criminal Code 1392
SCR 2 Honoring the personnel involved in the successful Miracle on Mount Baldy rescue. (H) Returned to the Senate 2