Sen. Lonnie Randolph


200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Name Short Description Author | Sponsor Legislation Type
SB 14 Local air pollution control agency contracts. Authored Bill
SB 15 Use of consumer reports for employment purposes. Authored Bill
SB 16 Fire protection district per diems. Authored Bill
SB 17 Right to rescind purchase of used motor vehicle. Authored Bill
SB 18 Grandparent and great-grandparent visitation. Authored Bill
SB 19 Property and casualty insurance claim payment. Authored Bill
SB 20 Motor vehicle dealer training. Authored Bill
SB 21 Media production expenditure tax credit. Authored Bill
SB 22 Charity gaming operations. Authored Bill
SB 23 Economic development incentive accountability. Authored Bill
SB 65 Probate claims study committee. Authored Bill
SB 133 Protective orders and employment. Authored Bill
SB 134 Battery on a sports official. Authored Bill
SB 135 Health facility employee criminal background check. Authored Bill
SB 136 Death sentence elimination and life imprisonment. Authored Bill
SB 137 Trials and magistrates. Authored Bill
SB 138 Prosecutorial consent with expungements. Authored Bill
SB 139 Parole eligibility for certain offenders. Authored Bill
SB 140 Tax credit for hiring certain individuals. Authored Bill
SB 141 Small business council established. Authored Bill
SB 142 Beverage container deposits. Authored Bill
SB 349 State park admission for disabled veterans. Authored Bill
SB 350 East Chicago school board. Authored Bill
SB 351 Adoption subsidy payments. Authored Bill
SB 467 Admissibility of appraisal reports. Authored Bill
SB 554 Retirement plan proceed loans. Authored Bill
SR 6 Urging the government of Turkey to cease its discrimination against the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Orthodox Christian Church. Authored Resolution
SR 7 Honoring Ulysses "Junior" Bridgeman Authored Resolution
SB 2 Service of process. Co-authored Bill
SB 5 Uniform Powers of Appointment Act. Co-authored Bill
SB 7 Abandoned mobile homes. Co-authored Bill
SB 10 Coroner and conflict of interest. Co-authored Bill
SB 12 Judicial retirement age. Co-authored Bill
SB 27 Obstructions at railroad-highway grade crossings. Co-authored Bill
SB 35 Speed limits in school zones. Co-authored Bill
SB 55 Medical malpractice actions. Co-authored Bill
SB 59 Eligibility to vote for political party officers. Co-authored Bill
SB 72 Motor vehicle manufacturer sales. Co-authored Bill
SB 80 Taxation of Internet access. Co-authored Bill
SB 99 Jury service review. Co-authored Bill
SB 100 Homeland security cease and desist orders. Co-authored Bill
SB 125 Property or casualty insurance coverage for innocent coinsured. Co-authored Bill
SB 126 Property tax deduction for veterans with a disability. Co-authored Bill
SB 129 Eligibility for child care voucher. Co-authored Bill
SB 130 School curriculum. Co-authored Bill
SB 143 Election workers. Co-authored Bill
SB 166 Spinal cord and brain injury fund. Co-authored Bill
SB 168 Controlled substance data base. Co-authored Bill
SB 171 Update of federal law citations. Co-authored Bill
SB 173 DOC specialized vocational program. Co-authored Bill
SB 174 Sentence modification. Co-authored Bill
SB 177 Water and wastewater infrastructure costs. Co-authored Bill
SB 188 Eagle Scout trust license plate. Co-authored Bill
SB 193 Northwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Co-authored Bill
SB 197 Chauffeur's license exemption. Co-authored Bill
SB 199 Substantive problems in the Indiana Code. Co-authored Bill
SB 207 Aggregate purchasing of prescription drugs. Co-authored Bill
SB 212 Inmates and Medicaid. Co-authored Bill
SB 217 Service of process fees collected by a sheriff. Co-authored Bill
SB 259 STEM education. Co-authored Bill
SB 261 Appeals by the attorney general. Co-authored Bill
SB 267 Dual language immersion; biliteracy. Co-authored Bill
SB 285 Inmate correspondence. Co-authored Bill
SB 286 Taxation of civil service annuities. Co-authored Bill
SB 287 Expungement. Co-authored Bill
SB 288 Local government budget notices; public records. Co-authored Bill
SB 289 Confidential victim services requests. Co-authored Bill
SB 291 Probate code study commission. Co-authored Bill
SB 294 Legend drug investigations. Co-authored Bill
SB 296 Adult entertainment performers. Co-authored Bill
SB 297 Small brewer barrel limits. Co-authored Bill
SB 307 Consumer protection. Co-authored Bill
SB 311 Recovery of remedial action oversight costs. Co-authored Bill
SB 312 Tank reporting and water threat minimization. Co-authored Bill
SB 317 Community foundations. Co-authored Bill
SB 318 Insulin provided by township trustees. Co-authored Bill
SB 321 Study committee. Co-authored Bill
SB 322 Food desert grant program. Co-authored Bill
SB 324 Various child support matters. Co-authored Bill
SB 325 Beer, wine, liquor prizes/charity auction sales. Co-authored Bill
SB 327 Charity gaming. Co-authored Bill
SB 332 Wage assignments. Co-authored Bill
SB 339 School bus monitors. Co-authored Bill
SB 345 Resident tuition rate. Co-authored Bill
SB 347 Transportation network companies. Co-authored Bill
SB 352 Identifying information for adoptions. Co-authored Bill
SB 354 Judgments. Co-authored Bill
SB 356 Work ethic certification and grants. Co-authored Bill
SB 359 Sales tax exemption for data warehouse equipment. Co-authored Bill
SB 368 Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act. Co-authored Bill
SB 369 Publication and Internet posting of information. Co-authored Bill
SB 375 Human trafficking, promoting prostitution, and asset forfeiture. Co-authored Bill
SB 379 Public transportation corporations. Co-authored Bill
SB 380 Crisis intervention teams. Co-authored Bill
SB 382 Statewide 911 system. Co-authored Bill
SB 383 Autocycles and motorcycles. Co-authored Bill
SB 387 PTABOA matters. Co-authored Bill
SB 388 Reporting of property forfeiture. Co-authored Bill
SB 393 Public official surety bonds. Co-authored Bill
SB 394 Reporting of government malfeasance. Co-authored Bill
SB 403 Student athletes and head injuries. Co-authored Bill
SB 406 Overdose intervention drugs. Co-authored Bill
SB 408 Real estate brokers and broker companies. Co-authored Bill
SB 409 Court fees. Co-authored Bill
SB 413 Disclosures of security breaches. Co-authored Bill
SB 415 Vacant and abandoned housing. Co-authored Bill
SB 419 Town marshals. Co-authored Bill
SB 422 Court security fees and funds. Co-authored Bill
SB 424 Women veterans' issues. Co-authored Bill
SB 429 Lake County zoning. Co-authored Bill
SB 434 Financial aid and tuition. Co-authored Bill
SB 441 Various tax matters. Co-authored Bill
SB 443 Various education matters. Co-authored Bill
SB 456 Unemployment insurance. Co-authored Bill
SB 461 Health matters. Co-authored Bill
SB 463 Cigarettes and tobacco sales. Co-authored Bill
SB 464 Mental health issues. Co-authored Bill
SB 469 Rural broadband. Co-authored Bill
SB 472 Various veterans' matters. Co-authored Bill
SB 473 Voluntary monitoring of water resources. Co-authored Bill
SB 474 Analysis of water utility planning and needs. Co-authored Bill
SB 476 School capital projects fund tax rate. Co-authored Bill
SB 478 Transportation funding. Co-authored Bill
SB 484 Fire and emergency response issues. Co-authored Bill
SB 485 Psychiatric crisis intervention. Co-authored Bill
SB 487 Business and other associations. Co-authored Bill
SB 489 State board of accounts issues. Co-authored Bill
SB 491 School emergency response systems. Co-authored Bill
SB 495 Study of ethnic history. Co-authored Bill
SB 507 Attorney and judicial discipline complaints. Co-authored Bill
SB 524 Tax deeds and conveyance documents. Co-authored Bill
SB 531 Various tax sale matters. Co-authored Bill
SB 534 Rules for prescribing controlled substances. Co-authored Bill
SB 539 Regulation of e-liquids. Co-authored Bill
SB 551 Crime fighting pilot project. Co-authored Bill
SCR 6 Congratulating the New Palestine High School football team. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 15 Honoring John Cardwell and Nancy Griffin Co-authored Resolution
SCR 28 Recognizing Spirit Cheer of Evansville Co-authored Resolution
SCR 30 Honoring the Indiana members of the First Special Service Force Co-authored Resolution
SCR 31 Honoring Tanner King Co-authored Resolution
SCR 36 Honoring University of Southern Indiana Co-authored Resolution
SCR 53 Honoring Ernest "Ernie" Yelton Co-authored Resolution
SCR 55 Congratulating former Indiana State Senator Billie Breaux for her decades of public service. Co-authored Resolution
SCR 56 Memorializing Thomas E. Fruechtenicht Co-authored Resolution
SR 4 Memorializing Richard "Dick" L. Smith. Co-authored Resolution
SR 28 Urging wireless carriers to activate the FM radio receivers in smartphones Co-authored Resolution
SR 34 Urging legislative council to assign sentencing level of caregiver who causes death of a mentally handicapped person. Co-authored Resolution
SR 60 Resolution honoring Senate Democratic Caucus interns Co-authored Resolution
SR 66 Honoring Virgil Ray Hudnall Co-authored Resolution
HB 1307 Lake County city and town court jurisdiction. Sponsored Bill
HB 1397 Private toll facilities. Sponsored Bill
HCR 18 Congratulating the West Side Leadership Academy Boys Track and Field team. Sponsored Resolution
HCR 26 To honor and welcome the Midwest Region of the National Black Law Students Association as it hosts its annual regional convention in Indianapolis in February 2015. Sponsored Resolution
HCR 52 Honoring Hugh Brown. Sponsored Resolution
HCR 56 Memorializing the life and accomplishments of William G. "Bill" Mays. Sponsored Resolution
HCR 57 Recognizing the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of its establishment. Sponsored Resolution
HCR 82 Memorializing and honoring Representative Earl L. Harris. Sponsored Resolution
HCR 85 Honoring Mrs. Ruth Woodson. Sponsored Resolution
HB 1006 Criminal justice funding. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1010 211 dialing code for human services information. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1016 Newborn safety incubators. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1021 Limit on mine subsidence insurance coverage. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1025 BMV and driver license compact. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1042 Education loan information. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1045 Recreational facility immunity. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1046 Study of sales tax exemptions for bullion or currency. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1050 Actions against a surveyor. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1056 Student transfers. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1062 Vehicle rentals. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1068 Background checks. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1080 EMS provider death benefit. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1093 Information concerning certain disabilities. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1101 Broadband ready communities. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1104 Financial examinations and the state board of accounts. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1108 Dyslexia. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1110 Magistrates and courts. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1119 Receipt of gift by permittee. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1131 Exemption of military reservists from jury duty. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1142 Tax issues. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1145 Civil immunity for volunteer health care providers. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1150 Police and firefighter retirement matters. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1157 Qualified dietitians. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1159 Protective orders and employment. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1161 Immunity for damage caused rescuing a child. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1164 Northwest Indiana regional planning commission. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1181 Agricultural matters. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1182 Fire training academy. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1185 Synthetic plastic microbeads. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1188 Student teaching. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1196 CHINS and delinquent child dual determination. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1216 Missing children and trafficked children. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1236 Political activity on homeowners association property. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1242 Reserve officer training. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1263 Township trustee sale of cemetery plots. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1264 State and local government matters. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1271 Sales tax exemption for certain labels. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1278 Transportation networks. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1281 Local government investments. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1283 Standard deduction eligibility. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1286 Condominium associations and homeowners associations. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1302 Expungement. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1304 Various criminal law matters. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1311 Alcoholic beverage issues. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1318 Communications services and energy production. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1323 Medical residency education. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1341 Insurance matters. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1349 Various tax matters. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1362 License plate life cycle. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1371 Public officials, liens, and restricted addresses. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1394 Supervision of probationary drivers. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1396 Motor vehicle regulatory authority, salvage, and leasing. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1398 Northwest Indiana regional development authority. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1401 Medicaid fraud. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1413 Aircraft. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1414 School safety drills. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1432 Regulation of e-liquids. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1434 Department of child services. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1435 Beer, wine, liquor prizes/charity auction sales. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1438 Adult high schools. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1454 Auto-injectable epinephrine. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1456 Servicemembers civil relief act. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1471 Recreational trails guidelines. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1475 Statewide 911 system. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1495 Various local government issues. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1501 Invasive species council. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1505 Sale of nonsurplus municipal water utility property. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1509 Study committee on obsolete statutes. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1531 Video conferencing by confined persons. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1539 Securities. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1540 Various gaming matters. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1542 Various alcoholic beverage matters. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1549 Grain buyer and warehouse operators. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1562 Professional licensing matters. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1603 Property tax appeals. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1613 Family and social services administration. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1635 Various education matters. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1637 Various education issues. Co-sponsored Bill
HB 1638 State intervention in failing schools. Co-sponsored Bill
HCR 2 Honoring Robert Hyatt for his years of dedicated service to his country and his state. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 9 Recognizing Purple Heart recipients in Indiana Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 27 Recognizing the FFA and its Indiana state officers. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 29 Recognizing Major General R. Martin Umbarger on the occasion of his retirement as Adjutant General of Indiana. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 34 Recognizing the importance and sustainability of Indiana's hardwood industry. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 38 Memorializing Corporal Jordan Lee Spears. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 39 Recognizing 70 Indiana volunteer firefighters on the occasion of 50 years of dedicated service to their local volunteer fire departments. Co-sponsored Resolution
HCR 48 Requesting prayers and support for the men and women serving in the United States armed forces. Co-sponsored Resolution