RESOLUTIONS, _School Academic Teams, Musicians, and Outstanding Students Congratulated

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Name Description Status
SCR 54 Honoring the Chesterton High School debate team. (H) Returned to the Senate 54
SCR 17 Congratulating Penn High School's Spell Bowl Team. (H) Returned to the Senate 17
SCR 7 Congratulating Sullivan High School Super Mileage Team. (H) Returned to the Senate 7
HCR 61 Recognizing the DeKalb High School Livestock Judging Team. (S) Returned to the House 61
HCR 44 Congratulating the Fishers High School "We the People" team. (S) Returned to the House 44
HCR 35 Congratulating the Brown County Junior High School "We the People" team for winning the 2015-2016 state championship. (S) Returned to the House 35
HCR 9 Congratulating the Wapahani High School girls volleyball team on the occasion of its Class 2A state championship victory. (S) Returned to the House 9
HCR 7 Honoring the Winchester Community High School Band. (S) Returned to the House 7
SR 11 Congratulating Whiting High School for their outstanding academic achievements. (S) First reading: adopted voice vote 11
HR 66 Recognizing the Greenwood Southwest Elementary School Fourth Grade M.A.T.H. Bowl champions. (H) First reading: adopted voice vote 66