RESOLUTIONS, United States Government

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Name Description Status
HCR 10 Petitioning the National Park Service to complete the Eastern Legacy Special Resource Study mandated by Congress in 2008. (S) Returned to the House 10
SR 68 Protecting the domestic steel industry. (S) Second reading: adopted 68
SR 28 The 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act. (S) Second reading: adopted voice vote 28
SR 26 Supporting the placement of the National Desert Storm War Memorial in Area I. (S) First reading: adopted voice vote 26
SR 12 Concerning the Motor Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Programs in Lake and Porter Counties. (S) Second reading: adopted voice vote 12
HR 69 Urging Indiana's federal elected officials to fight for strong enforcement of our nation's trade laws and urging the Department of Commerce to maintain China's "non-market economy" status. (H) First reading: adopted voice vote 69