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IC 2-5-44


January 1, 2019
Agenda for Oct. 30, 2018 10:00am Room 404
Exhibit Description
1 Exhibit #1 - Richard Vermillion, Knox County Surveyor PDF icon
2 Exhibit #2 - Don Henderson PDF icon
3 Exhibit #3 - Indiana Industrial Energy Consumers, Inc PDF icon
Agenda for Oct. 10, 2018 10:00am Room 404
Exhibit Description
1 IDEM data provided to Rep Hamilton PDF icon
2 John Davis; Niagara Bottling, an Indiana Water Planning Success Story PDF icon
3 Skip Stitt; Public Private Partnerships PDF icon
4 Ben Wicker; Indiana Agriculture Nutrient Alliance PDF icon
5 Todd Royer; IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs PDF icon
6 Dr. Ronald Turco; Purdue University Soil and Water Projects PDF icon
7 Scott Dompke; Wastewater and Stormwater Organizational Structures in Indiana PDF icon
8 Jodie Golden; Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs PDF icon
9 Rochelle Owen; USDA Rural Development PDF icon
10 Jim McGoff; State Revolving Fund Loan Program PDF icon
11 Kerwin Olson; Utility Rate Affordability PDF icon
12 Dr. Indra Frank; Water Infrastructure and Quality of Life PDF icon
13 Vicki Perry; An Overview of RCAP, Utility Board Training, and Other Community Assistance Programs in Indiana PDF icon
Agenda for Sept. 26, 2018 10:00am Room 404
Exhibit Description
1 1 - W. William Weeks; Indiana Water - Prioritizing Infrastructure Needs- Enough, Good Enough, and How to Manage For It PDF icon
2 2 - Hans Peterson; Perspectives from American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Indiana PDF icon
3 3 - Jeff Willman; Central Indiana Collaborative Large Utility Perspective PDF icon
4 4 - Glen Miller; Central Indiana Collaborative Rural Utility Perspective PDF icon
5 5 - Doug Farquhar; State Drinking Water Programs and Financing PDF icon
7 7 - Commissioner Bruno Pigott; Overview of Health-Related Water Issues PDF icon
8 8 - Craig Butler; Ohio's Approach to Water Infrastructure PDF icon
9 9 - Commissioner Anthony Hatton; Kentucky's Approach to Water Infrastructure PDF icon
10 10 - Jack Wittman; Different Methods of State-wide Water Planning PDF icon
11 11 - Ryan Mueller; Lessons Learned from Implementing Missouri's Water Resources Plan PDF icon
12 12 - Jill Hoffmann; Water River Alliance PDF icon
Agenda for Sept. 12, 2018 10:00am Room 404
Exhibit Description
1 Jim McGoff; Indiana Finance Authority PDF icon
2 Greg Ellis; Indiana Chamber of Commerce PDF icon
3 Ryan Heater, Curt Gassert; IURC PDF icon
4 Jamie Palmer; IU Public Policy Institute PDF icon
5 Jack Wittman; INTERA PDF icon
6 Nolan Hendon; City of Bloomington Utilities PDF icon
7 Stacy Hoffman; Indiana American Water Co. PDF icon
8 Justin Brugger; Fort Wayne City Utilities PDF icon
9 Joseph Rompala; Indiana Industrial Energy Consumers PDF icon
10 Raj Rao; Indiana Municipal Power Agency PDF icon
11 John Lucas; Citizens Energy Group PDF icon
12 IFA & IUPPI Fin Needs for Stormwater Infrastructure PDF icon
13 IACIR Funding Gap for Water Infrastructure PDF icon
14 Scott Ham; Southern IN Water Professionals Assn PDF icon
15 Beverly Gard; NineStar Connect PDF icon