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Name Description Status
SB 25 Mental health disability review panels. (S) Public Law 54 25
SB 70 Fire department merit system. (S) First reading: referred to Committee on Local Government 70
SB 237 Care of city police officers and firefighters. (S) Public Law 66 237
SB 258 Firefighter safety. (S) Public Law 72 258
SB 406 Survivor benefits. (S) Public Law 145 406
HB 1015 Rights of professional firefighters. (H) Public Law 33 1015
HB 1030 Membership in the 1977 fund. (H) First reading: referred to Committee on Employment, Labor and Pensions 1030
HB 1043 Firefighters and police officers. (H) Public Law 96 1043
HB 1063 Public safety officer death benefits. (H) Public Law 99 1063