RESOLUTIONS, United States Government

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Name Description Status
SR 46 Reaffirming Indiana's commitment to strengthening and deepening the sister-state ties between Indiana and Taiwan. (S) Second reading: adopted voice vote 46
SCR 25 Urging Congress to support democracy and the civilian-led people of Burma. (S) First reading: referred to Committee on Judiciary 25
SR 11 Urging the Indiana federal congressional delegation to support the Baker-Shultz Carbon Dividends Plan. (S) First reading: referred to Committee on Environmental Affairs 11
SCR 2 Directing the U.S. Congress to propose to the several states an amendment to the U.S. Constitution concerning the membership of the U.S. Supreme Court. (H) First reading: referred to the Committee on Judiciary 2
SCR 9 Urging the U.S. Congress to oppose the burdensome reporting requirements included in the Biden administration's tax increase proposals for fiscal year 2022. (S) First reading: referred to Committee on Tax and Fiscal Policy 9