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Name Description Status
SCR 40 Honoring Judge Margret G. Robb. (H) Returned to the Senate 40
SR 31 Urging Governor Eric Holcomb to proclaim April 13, 2023, Remanufacturing Day. (S) First reading: adopted voice vote 31
SCR 24 Honoring Justice Steven H. David. (H) Returned to the Senate 24
SCR 30 Congratulating INDOT and partners on I-69 Finish Line Recognition. (H) Returned to the Senate 30
SCR 6 Urging INDOT to rename a section of SR 135 in Harrison County the "Jacob T. McClanahan Memorial Mile". (H) Returned to the Senate 6
SCR 4 Urging INDOT to rename the bridge over West 300 N on SR 25 in Carroll County the "George H. Mears Memorial Bridge". (H) First reading: referred to the Committee on Roads and Transportation 4
SR 20 Celebrating the Town of Clermont, Indiana on its 120th anniversary. (S) First reading: adopted voice vote 20
SCR 3 Memorializing late Governor Kernan. (H) Returned to the Senate 3