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House Bill 1001

House Bill 1001

ARCHIVE (2002)

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DIGEST OF HB 1001 (Updated March 15, 2002 12:04 AM - DI 75)

Antiterrorism measures. Establishes the counterterrorism and security council. Provides that $1.25 of the service charge established by administrative rules before January 1, 2002, for certain BMV transactions is to be used in paying the costs of an integrated wireless public safety communications system until July 1, 2019, and authorizes the state office building commission to issue bonds to finance construction of the system. Provides for a portion of the $1.25 service charge to be used for the state police crime laboratory backlog. Appropriates from the state license branch fund to the integrated public safety communications fund an amount equal to $1.25 multiplied by the number of relevant BMV transactions occurring after December 31, 2001, and before July 1, 2002. Establishes new restrictions concerning the issuance of commercial driver's licenses and hazardous materials endorsements. Authorizes the state police (instead of the department of administration) to provide security for state property. Authorizes the superintendent of state police to assign a special police employee to serve on a riverboat. Requires the state emergency management agency to develop a statewide mutual aid program and a statewide mutual aid agreement. Provides that a student who brings a destructive device to school or possesses a destructive device on school property must be expelled for at least one calendar year. Provides that a vehicle, money, or other assets may be seized if used in the commission of certain offenses as part of an act of terrorism. Establishes various requirements and criminal offenses concerning certain regulated explosives or devices. Establishes or enhances various criminal penalties for disorderly conduct on airport premises, use of the identity of another person with the intent to commit terrorism or to obtain a weapon of mass destruction, money laundering with the intent to further terrorism, possession of a weapon of mass destruction with the intent to carry out terrorism, dissemination of a substance with the intent to cause a person to believe that the substance is a weapon of mass destruction, or interruption or impairment of work conducted in a food processing facility. Repeals: (1) the definition of regulated explosive; (2) the financial responsibility requirements for a regulated explosive manufacturer; (3) the current statute defining the crime of selling, manufacturing, purchasing, or possessing certain bombs and explosives; and (4) a statute that authorizes the commissioner of the department of administration to issue warrants for the recovery of unlawfully possessed state property.
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