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Senate Bill 0029

Senate Bill 0029

ARCHIVE (2002)

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DIGEST OF SB 29 (Updated March 14, 2002 5:32 PM - DI 101)

Clean coal and energy projects and research. Creates a center for coal technology research to develop technologies to advance the use of Indiana coal. Requires the department of commerce to pursue available private and public sources of money for the coal research grant fund. Eliminates the requirement in existing law that energy generating facilities must be primarily fueled by Indiana coal in order to recover in their rates construction costs for clean coal technologies, for construction that begins after March 31, 2002. Encourages: (1) new energy generating facilities in Indiana that use clean coal technology and are fueled using Illinois Basin coal resources; (2) advanced technologies that reduce regulated air emissions from existing generating plants primarily fueled by Illinois Basin coal; (3) projects to provide electric transmission facilities to serve a new generating facility; (4) projects to develop alternative energy sources, including renewable energy projects; and (5) the purchase by energy utilities of fuels produced by coal gasification facilities in Indiana. Directs the utility regulatory commission (IURC) to encourage clean coal and energy projects through financial incentives. Provides that the IURC shall encourage and provide incentives for certain clean coal and energy projects only if the projects are reasonable and necessary. Directs the state utility forecasting group to conduct an annual study on the use, availability, and economics of using renewable energy resources in Indiana and to submit a report of its findings to the IURC. Allows the IURC to review any approved clean coal and energy project to determine that the project continues to comply with the IURC's order initially approving incentives for the project. Allows the IURC to revoke any incentive if it finds that the project no longer complies with the provisions in the order concerning the incentive. Provides that for ratemaking purposes, wages paid by a utility to an independent contractor for construction of clean coal and energy projects are not excessive if the wages are those normally paid for work of the same type and quality in the labor market.
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