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Senate Bill 0228

Senate Bill 0228

ARCHIVE (2002)

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DIGEST OF SB 228 (Updated March 14, 2002 11:51 PM - DI 104)

Prior authorization of drugs under Medicaid and CHIP. Requires the children's health insurance program (CHIP) policy board to study certain children's benefits. Allows the office of Medicaid policy and planning (office) to place limits on the quantities dispensed or the frequency of refills for any covered drug for the purpose of preventing fraud, abuse, waste, overutilization, or inappropriate utilization or to implement disease management. Prohibits the office from limiting the number of brand name prescription drugs a Medicaid or CHIP recipient may receive under the program. Establishes a therapeutics committee as a subcommittee of the drug utilization review (DUR) board and specifies committee membership and terms. Gives the DUR board additional duties, including the research, development, and approval of a preferred drug list for: (1) Medicaid's fee for service program; (2) Medicaid's primary care case management program; and (3) CHIP's primary care case management component. Establishes procedures to follow for requiring prior authorization for drugs under the Medicaid and CHIP programs. Allows specified insurers to report to the DUR board the number of child enrollees that are prescribed certain stimulant medications. Adds to the controlled substance advisory committee a member with expertise in child and adolescent psychiatry and requires the committee to report specified information to the DUR board. Requires the DUR board to report specified information concerning the prescribing of stimulant medication to children. Makes changes to the law concerning the Indiana prescription drug account and the Indiana prescription drug advisory committee. Requires the office to apply for a federal Medicaid waiver to: (1) include the aged, blind, and disabled in Medicaid's managed care program; and (2) provide access to prescription drugs for low income senior citizens. Provides that money that was appropriated to the prescription drug account in 2000 but was not placed in the account is appropriated to the account. Requires the office to establish a point of sale system for the prescription drug program before July 1, 2002. Repeals the continuous eligibility provision for a child under Medicaid and removes the provision from CHIP. Makes other changes. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the joint commission on Medicaid oversight.)
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