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Senate Bill 0298

Senate Bill 0298

ARCHIVE (2004)

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DIGEST OF SB 298 (Updated February 18, 2004 7:01 pm - DI 92)

Lighting and marking of agricultural equipment. Provides that an implement of agriculture and a farm tractor manufactured after June 30, 2005, must be fitted with equipment that meets certain national standards when operated on a highway. Requires the criminal justice institute to adopt rules for the design of a slow moving vehicle emblem. Changes the defined term "implement of husbandry" to "implement of agriculture" for purposes of the motor vehicle code, and requires the bureau of motor vehicles (bureau) to determine categories of implements of agriculture by rule. Redefines the term "farm tractor" for purposes of the motor vehicle code. Defines special machinery and sets a fee for registration. Provides that certain motor vehicles may be operated and registered as farm trucks, farm trailers, or farm semitrailers and tractors if not used for certain commercial enterprises. Makes it a Class C infraction (and a Class B infraction for a second offense within three years) to operate or own a farm truck, farm trailer, or farm semitrailer and tractor if the vehicle is used for certain commercial enterprises. Requires the bureau to adopt rules to identify and define "farm truck", "farm trailer", and "farm semitrailer and tractor". Prohibits a law enforcement officer from impounding certain farm products when a vehicle is discovered in violation of registration requirements and removes the penalty against an officer for a reckless violation of this provision. Revises the exclusion of certain garden tractors from the application of the waste tire management fund fee. Repeals the definitions of "farm machinery", "farm tractor used in transportation", and "special farm machinery", and repeals references to those terms within the motor vehicle code. Deletes an obsolete reference to a financing statement for a farm tractor. Repeals the license fee for certain vehicles used in farming operations. Makes conforming amendments.
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    Out of Committee 2nd House
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