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Senate Bill 0354

Senate Bill 0354

ARCHIVE (2004)

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Juvenile law issues. Provides that certain juvenile acts are considered status offenses and not delinquent acts. Prohibits a child who is alleged to have committed a status offense from being detained in certain types of facilities. Prohibits sustained sight or sound contact between juveniles and adults in juvenile detention facilities that are located on the same grounds or in the same building as an adult jail or a lockup. Requires a juvenile court to conduct a hearing regarding the secure detention of a repeat status offender during the pendency of a violation hearing. Requires secure facilities to submit data regarding detention of children to the Indiana criminal justice institute. Requires secure facilities and nonsecure facilities to submit to annual site visits. Repeals a statute concerning the modification of juvenile court orders upon a child's truancy violation.
    Current Status:
    In Committee - first House
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