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House Bill 1744

House Bill 1744

ARCHIVE (2005)

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Enforcement of child support orders. Provides that the clerk of a court that orders a parent to provide a security, a bond, or another guarantee to secure an obligation to make child support payments (bond order), orders a person to pay a child support arrearage (arrearage order), or issues a writ of attachment for a person who fails to pay a bond order or an arrearage order (writ) shall: (1) provide a copy of the bond order, arrearage order, or writ to the child support bureau (bureau); and (2) notify the bureau if a parent has failed to obey a bond order or an arrearage order. Requires the bureau to contract with a prosecuting attorney or another person to locate a parent who fails to obey a bond order or an arrearage order or for whom a writ is issued. Requires the bureau to create a data base containing the orders and notices the bureau receives.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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