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Senate Bill 0015

Senate Bill 0015

ARCHIVE (2005)

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DIGEST OF SB15 (Updated April 12, 2005 2:33 pm - DI 84)

Absentee ballots. Provides that an absentee ballot application may not be given to a voter if certain information has been filled out before the application is given to the voter. Permits other information to be filled out before given to the voter. Requires an absentee ballot application to be filed within specific times. Requires an individual who assist a voter complete certain information on an absentee ballot application or who files an absentee ballot application for another individual to sign an affidavit attesting to certain information. Requires an applicant for an absentee ballot to affirm the content of the application under the penalties for perjury. Removes a provision concerning an absentee ballot application submitted by: (1) a confined voter; or (2) a voter caring for a confined person; in a county having a consolidated city. Establishes noon of the day before election day as the deadline for a confined voter or a voter caring for a confined person to submit an absentee ballot application by fax. Permits a county election board member or an absentee voter board member to file an affidavit alleging that an absentee ballot application has not been filed according to law. Provides that a person may not engage in electioneering in the presence of an individual who possesses an absentee ballot. Provides that a voter who is an address confidentiality program participant is entitled to cast an absentee ballot. Requires certain persons who deliver an absentee ballot to a voter to affirm certain facts under penalties for perjury. Allows: (1) an authorized agent or employee of a county election board; or (2) an employee of a bonded courier company; to handle or deliver a voted or unvoted absentee ballot. Allows a person who receives a voted absentee ballot to deliver the ballot to the county election board: (1) in person, (2) by United States mail, or (3) by a bonded courier company. Requires a person who votes an absentee ballot before an absentee board in the office of the circuit court clerk or at a satellite office to provide proof of identification before being permitted to vote. Makes other changes relating to absentee ballots. Removes references to the delivery of ballots printed by the election division to conform with 2004 legislation providing that the election division will no longer print ballots. Establishes new criminal offenses relating to fraud and misrepresentation in elections. Excludes from the definition of "electioneering" a person's communications to: (1) the person's spouse; (2) an incapacitated person for whom the person has been appointed guardian; and (3) a member of the person's household. Provides that "electioneering" does not include expressing support or opposition to a candidate or a political party or expressing approval or disapproval of a public question in material mailed to a voter.
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