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Senate Bill 0371

Senate Bill 0371

ARCHIVE (2005)

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DIGEST OF SB 371 (Updated April 4, 2005 7:28 pm - DI 102)

Various education matters. Provides that the department of education rather than the professional standards board governs education, licensing, and professional development of teachers. Establishes a division within the department to administer these functions. Changes the current professional standards board into an advisory board to advise the state superintendent of public instruction, the state board of education, and the division of professional standards. Provides that the advisory board has rule-making authority. Establishes a fund to receive fee revenue. Establishes a teacher recruitment and retention fund. Requires training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the Heimlich maneuver to obtain an initial license as a teacher. Provides that the ISTEP test must be administered during the spring semester for school years beginning after June 30, 2006. Provides for a pilot test of spring ISTEP testing in May, 2006. Requires the department of education to develop a ten year plan for student diagnostic and summative achievement assessment before August 2, 2005. Raises the age of mandatory school attendance from 16 to 18 years of age. Specifies that a student may withdraw from school before becoming 18 years of age only for the reason of financial hardship, provided the student is employed and supporting the student's family or dependents. Requires a student who seeks to withdraw from school before becoming 18 years of age or graduating to sign a written acknowledgment that the student and the student's parent or guardian understand that withdrawing from school is likely to reduce the student's future earnings and increase the student's likelihood of being unemployed or incarcerated in the future. Expands the reasons a work permit and driver's license may be denied. Requires by December 31, 2005, based on some contingencies, the department of education to study and make findings and recommendations to the legislative council on alternate methods for teacher licensing certification for teacher shortage areas. Allows individuals who have failed the written teacher licensing examination at least twice to receive detailed score reports and allows these individuals to prove content knowledge assessed in the written examination by alternate means. Makes changes in the election of school board members in East Chicago. Requires a school corporation to immediately notify the appropriate law enforcement agency whenever a school corporation police officer or employee reasonably believes that an individual has committed battery or an offense resulting in bodily injury against a school corporation employee on school property or at a school activity, function, or event. Repeals a redundant section and adds transitional provisions.
    Current Status:
    Failed for Lack of Constitutional Majority
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