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Senate Bill 0483

Senate Bill 0483

ARCHIVE (2005)

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DIGEST OF SB483 (Updated April 12, 2005 2:18 pm - DI 84)

Voter identification. Requires a precinct election officer to ask a voter to provide proof of identification before the voter is permitted to vote. Provides that a proof of identification is a document issued by the United States or the state of Indiana that shows: (1) the name of the individual to whom the document was issued; and (2) a photograph of that individual. Allows the use of a document that expired after the date of the most recent general election. Specifies that a voter who is unable or declines to produce proof of identification at the polls receives a provisional ballot if the voter signs the affidavit required for a provisional ballot. Requires the county election board to count the provisional ballot if : (1) the voter appears before the board after leaving the polls and before noon on the Monday following the election, and: (A) produces proof of identification; or (B) executes an affidavit stating that the voter cannot obtain proof of identification, because the voter: (i) is indigent; or (ii) has a religious objection to being photographed; and (2) the voter has not been challenged or required to vote a provisional ballot for any other reason. Specifies that voters casting an absentee ballot or voters who vote from certain health facilities at which the precinct polls are located are not required to provide proof of identification. Requires a voter who registered by mail and is voting for the first time in a county election to continue to provide the documentation required by federal law as well as producing proof of identification. Adds cross-references concerning poll lists. Provides that the bureau of motor vehicles may not impose a fee for the issuance of a identification card when an individual does not have a valid Indiana driver's license and will be at least 18 by the next general, municipal, or special election.
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