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House Bill 1011

House Bill 1011

ARCHIVE (2006)

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DIGEST OF HB1011 (Updated March 8, 2006 6:23 pm - DI 84)

Miscellaneous election law matters. Makes the following changes: (1) Provides that the fee a person must pay to receive a complete compilation of voter registration information contained in the statewide voter registration list is an annual fee and includes the price for receiving updates of voter registration information throughout the year. (2) Provides that an election official may not receive an election law filing that is offered to be filed after a deadline for the filing unless election law provides for the filing after the deadline. (3) Provides that a vacancy in a legislative office last held by an individual who was not a member of a major political party shall be filled in a special election.. (4) Conforms statutes to recognize the requirement in current law for electronic transmittal of data between license branches and the statewide voter registration list. (5) Provides for the election of the precinct committeemen of the Indiana Republican Party during presidential election years. (6) Authorizes the secretary of state to establish a pilot program of vote centers in up to three counties for the 2007 municipal elections and provides that a voter who resides in a vote center pilot county may cast the voter's ballot at a vote center without regard to the precinct in which the voter resides. Establishes the criteria and requirements for a county that applies to be a vote center pilot county. Specifies that the pilot program expires December 31, 2009. (7) Specifies certain deadlines concerning write-in candidates in a school board election held at the same time as a primary election. (8) Specifies that a voter registration becomes effective before the expiration of the current seven day voter registration pending period if the acknowledgment notice mailed to the voter is presented by the voter in person at the county voter registration office. (9) Removes a one day overlap in the campaign finance reporting schedule for statewide candidates. (10) Specifies that a candidate for nomination to a statewide office at a state party convention is required to file quarterly reports and not an additional "late convention" report (current law requires quarterly reports, but not a "post convention" report, by "late" convention candidates nominated by major parties; requires "late" candidates nominated by other parties to file both quarterly and a "post convention" report). (11) Permits the co-directors of the election division to set a deadline for a county to submit a proposed precinct establishment order if the county wishes the order to take effect before the next deadline for proposed precinct changes and requires the county executive to file a copy of an approved precinct establishment order with the county auditor. Makes other changes in the administrative process to approve precinct boundary changes. (12) Removes some of the changes to a ballot instruction for voters casting votes for candidates in local "at large" races. (13) Specifies procedures for making voting systems available at the polls for a voter who initially marks a ballot for a write-in candidate, but wants to vote for a candidate on the ballot instead. (14) Establishes additional standards for the challenging of voters. Provides that a voter who is challenged as ineligible to vote in the precinct must be provided with a provisional ballot. Repeals a superseded provision relating to voting by a challenged voter. (15) Provides that a precinct establishment order issued after June 30, 2005, complies with certain polling place accessibility requirements if the order: (A) includes a statement that the precinct meets the requirements; or (B) states that before April 1, 2006, the county will designate a polling place for the precinct that meets the requirements . (16) Continues a requirement that each county have at least one accessible voting system for use at each polling place. (17) Restores an expired provision authorizing voting equipment reimbursements for certain counties. (18) Makes provisions concerning use of previously state certified voting equipment, declaration of candidacy filings, and school board election tie votes effective for the May 2006 primary. (19) Conforms voting system certification dates and certain recount deadlines with 2005 legislation. (20) Specifies how to count votes when a voter casts a straight party ticket vote and also votes for individual candidates. (21) Permits an absentee ballot sent by mail by an overseas voter to be counted if: (A) the absentee ballot envelope is postmarked not later than election day; and (B) the ballot is received by the deadline for counting provisional ballots. (22) Requires that the state committee of a political party whose nominee received at least 2% but less than 10% of the votes cast of secretary of state in the last election for that office fill a vacancy in a legislative office that was last held by a person who was elected or selected as a candidate of that political party. (23) Prohibits, for at least 20 years from the date of conviction, a person convicted of a felony or a Class A misdemeanor under ICĀ 3-14-2 and the felony or misdemeanor relates to an election for a city, town, or school corporation office from continuing employment with, obtaining future employment with, contracting with, or being a subcontractor under a contract with a city, town, school corporation, or the agency of a city, town, or school corporation. Authorizes the attorney general to request an injunction against a person or governmental entity that violates this provision. Permits the attorney general to seek a civil penalty of not more than $1,000 against a person who violates this provision. (24) Removes or repeals expired, superseded, or obsolete provisions of election law. Corrects erroneous cross- references. Makes technical changes. Updates election schedules.
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