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House Bill 1148

House Bill 1148

ARCHIVE (2006)

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Account numbers on receipts. Prohibits: (1) more than the last four digits of a payment card number; or (2) the payment card expiration date; from being printed on any receipt electronically generated in a transaction in which a payment card is used to obtain certain property or services. Provides that the prohibition applies to a person that: (1) accepts payment cards for certain transactions; (2) provides processing software or hardware to enable that person or another person to accept payment cards; or (3) owns or operates an automated teller machine. Specifies dates after which cash registers, automated teller machines, or other machines or devices that electronically print receipts must comply with the prohibition. Allows a cardholder that receives a receipt that displays prohibited information to file a complaint with the consumer protection division of the attorney general's office. Allows the division to file a civil action if the division determines that a violation has occurred. Allows a court hearing the matter to award certain relief.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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