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House Bill 1212

House Bill 1212

ARCHIVE (2006)

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DIGEST OF HB1212 (Updated March 8, 2006 6:31 pm - DI 84)

Drainage assessments, sanitation districts, and storm water districts. Establishes water quality protection as a legislative policy. Makes changes to the membership of the soil conservation board (board) and the advisory members. Requires the board to conduct a conservation needs inventory and hold meetings throughout the state. Allows a waiver of the ten acres of land requirement to be waived for elected soil and water conservation district supervisors. Removes the requirement that the nominees for elected supervisors must exceed the vacancies. Allows the board to appoint associate supervisors for soil and water conservation districts. Adds information that must be included in annual reports. Requires the department of agriculture to implement a geographic information system for each county. Allows the clean water Indiana program to provide financial assistance to soil and water conservation districts. Provides that the state is not exempt from drainage assessments and is not entitled to a refund of a drainage assessment paid before January 1, 2006. Makes the following changes for a department of public sanitation in a sanitation district (district) that contains at least one city having a population of less than 100,000 and at least one town: (1) Makes the department an executive department of each municipality in the district. (2) Allows a district to perform certain functions in the name of any municipality in the district or in the name of the district. (3) Provides that fees related to property that is subject to full taxation do not take effect until the fees are approved by the legislative body of each municipality in the district or established by the utility regulatory commission. Allows an excluded city or town to withdraw from the Marion County storm water management district if the municipal legislative body adopts an ordinance withdrawing the municipality from the district. Requires certain notices to be provided as part of the withdrawal process. Provides that if there are bonds outstanding that have been issued by the board of public works of the consolidated city, the municipality is liable for and shall pay that indebtedness in the same ratio as the assessed valuation of the property in the municipality bears to the assessed valuation of all property included in the district before the municipality's withdrawal. Provides that a withdrawing municipality is entitled to receive the following: (1) An annual lump sum payment equal to the total amount of property taxes paid and allocated to the district's flood debt service fund from all property tax payers within the municipality, to the extent the property taxes are not necessary to pay the municipality's share of outstanding indebtedness. (2) The total amount of storm water user fees collected from the lots and parcels in the municipality. Requires these payments to be deposited by the municipality in a dedicated fund and used only for purposes of storm water management in the municipality. Makes technical corrections.
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